"चांदीच्या ताटात राजेशाही थाटात"

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About Us

ThaatBaat Veg Thali Restaurant which is famous for Rajasthani,Maharashtrian,Gujarathi food

This is a typical Rajasthani thali place that is exclusively vegetarian. It opened up 2 years ago and now also has a branch in Kothrud. The decor is over-the-top Rajasthani and the colored lighting that keeps changing hues is too colorful and bordering on being tacky. The place has a festive look with real silver plates, katories, red place mats and napkins. The waiters wear traditional attire with colored turbans and one them enthusiastically informed us that the Thali menu is from 3 states i.e. Rajasthan, Gujarath and Maharashtra.